Why do they name hurricanes?

Besides the story about the man who showed up at Discovery Channel headquarters with a gun and explosives yesterday, the other newsworthy event is Hurricane Earl ripping through the entire East Coast.  North Carolina is feeling the brunt of it right now (along with Virginia and Maryland), and Earl may head north toward Long Island and even Maine.

Earl, huh?  Wondering how or why they pick a name for a storm?  Our very detailed post from last year describes the process perfectly, but the basic purpose of naming tropical storms

“…began years ago in order to help in the quick identification of storms in warning messages because names are presumed to be far easier to remember that numbers and technical terms. Many agree that appending names to storms makes it easier for the media to report on tropical cyclones, heightens interest in warnings and increases community preparedness.”1

Last year’s post lists the future storms’ names, but I’ll tell you now that the next few will be Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, and Igor.

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Yahoo! News – Island evacuations start as Earl nears East Coast

(image above from NOAA.gov)


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